V8 Stock Car Results (Power Tour 2001-02)

Updated on March 22 2021

Here are results from the 2001 and 2002 V8 Stock Car seasons under the Power Tour and one event that may be beyond that.

There is some confusion as a drive.com.au article states there were six rounds and eighteen races and Autosport reports five rounds but it was six rounds however Round 1 is considered an exhibition round so Autosport is correct as they didn’t count the exhibition round.

There is also additional confusion as Tony Southwell remembers winning a race at Mallala in 2002 in a newly sponsored car yet and celebrating it but it is not recorded as such.

2001 Season

Round 1 – Mallala – Race on YouTube – (Miedecke Race 1, George Elliot also won a race, one race unknown)
Round 2 –  Oran Park – all three races were won by Andrew Miedecke
Round 3 – Queensland Raceway – Miedecke won Race 1 & 2, Tony Southwell won Race 3
Round 4 – Oran Park – won by Howe (Race 1) and Miedecke (Race 2 & 3)
Round 5 – Winton – Qualifying and Round 5 2001 – won by Miedecke, French and Miedecke.
Round 6 – Calder Park – QualifyingRace One, Race Two, Race Three – wins by Miedecke, Howe and Southwell.

Miedecke championship report by drive.com.au

The report on drive.com.au is slightly inaccurate as based on all the articles, Andrew Miedecke is known to have won no less than eleven races and possibly a twelfth out of the eighteen races not fourteen out of eighteen.

Andrew Miedecke’s win rate in 2001 was either 61% or 66% depending on the outcome of the missing race.

2002 Season

Oran Park – QualifyingRound 1 2002 (All won by Andrew Miedecke)
Mallala – Qualifying and Round 2 2002 – Miedecke won Races 1 & 3, Templer won Race 2
Queensland Raceway – Race 1 & Race 2 won by Rusty French  and Andrew Miedecke (Race 3)

Tony Southwell remembers winning a race at Mallala after a duel with Dean Wanless, he also remembers celebrating the win.

Victoria Trophy for Super Trucks (race listed as V8 Stock Cars)

Winton – won by Bob Middleton (Race 1) and Chris Templer (Race 2 & 3)

As Winton was not a Power Tour race, this may or may not be included in totals despite being billed as V8 Stock Cars.

On February 14 2019, tz17’s Motorsport Videos uploaded on YouTube video from a race at Mallala, that video can be seen below.

Winners per season

2001 season

Andrew Miedecke 
Tony Southwell
Rusty French
Dick Howe
George Elliot

2002 Season

Chris Templer
Tony Southwell (more research required)
Andrew Miedecke
Rusty French

All time Driver wins

Andrew Miedecke – 17 wins
Rusty French – 3 wins
Tony Southwell  – 2 wins (remembers a third win at Mallala though no records exist)
Dick Howe – 2 wins
Chris Templer – 1 win (three if counting Winton 2002 x2)
George Elliot – 1 win
Bob Middleton – 1 win (if counting Winton 2002)

1 race winner unknown – Mallala 2001.

Last Manufacturer winner 
Ford: Dick Howe at Calder Park Raceway
Chevrolet: Andrew Miedecke (Queensland Raceway) or Chris Templer (Winton)

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