Terry Wyhoon

(Still Under Construction)

Terry Wyhoon raced in both AUSCAR and Australian NASCAR with great success with the pinnacle of his success being his 1995/96 AUSCAR title win.

Terry’s #25 was well known to fans with his car sporting BP sponsorship making his car green and yellow with a bit of white at the front.

He steadily progressed through the ranks of AUSCAR, he finished in equal 27th in points in 1989-90 before moving up to 19th in 1990-91, 14th in 1991-92, 7th in 1992-93 and then second in 1993-94 before grabbing the title in 1995/96.

He had great success in Australian NASCAR and whilst never winning a title, he finished second in points on two occasions in his Ford Thunderbird and finished fourth in the NASCAR 100 race at Bathurst in 1998.

One of the NASCAR’s he brought was built by Tom Smith and became Australia’s first locally built stock car.

Car numbers


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